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Use ChatGPT Everywhere, for Everything
Use ChatGPT Everywhere, for Everything
Your AI Co-pilot that Works Everywhere

Your AI Co-pilot that Works Everywhere

Experience the full power of ChatGPT on your desktop with DesktopGPT. You'll get AI-driven assistance, answers, and insights on all websites & apps. It's like an all-in-one AI copilot to boost your productivity and creativity everywhere you work.

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DesktopGPT Powers Up Your Every Task

  • Inspire your writing

    Generate drafts, ideas, and outlines for articles, blog posts, ads, etc

    Rephrase, expand, translate, or explain existing text

    Fix spelling, grammar, and syntax errors

    Summarize long pieces of text

  • Code smarter

    Generate code for specific tasks

    Translate snippets from one language to another

    Suggest potential fixes for bugs

    Improve the performance of your code

  • Boost business marketing

    Craft compelling marketing messages and ad copy

    Boost search rankings with SEO content

    Write professional business emails and reports

    Develop unique marketing strategies

  • Expand learning potential

    Write essays and research papers

    Suggest potential research topics

    Solve homework problems and exercise

    Simulate discussions with sample questions/answers

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DesktopGPT Powers Up Your Every Task

Ready-to-use Prompts

DesktopGPT provides a collection of ready-to-use prompts for all occasions, perfect for streamlining emails, project planning, coding, or creative writing.

🤹‍♂️ Fun📚 Creative Writing✈️ Travel🔮 Astrology💪 Lifestyle & Health📊 Business & Marketing💼 Career😇 Idea🍗 Food🧑‍💼 Personal Management🏞 Environment Protection📄 Academic💃 Social
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All-in-one AI Assistant on All Websites, Devices & Apps

DesktopGPT ensures there's no limit to where and how you can leverage ChatGPT in your day-to-day activities.

Social Media
Development Tools
Office Apps

Use DesktopGPT in 3 Simple Steps

  • Step 1: Install with Ease

    Simply download the setup file directly from our website.

  • Step 2: Invoke DestopGPT – Your Way

    Launch DesktopGPT.exe or activate the application at any time using the keyboard shortcut Alt+A.

  • Step 3: Start Your Journey

    Now you're ready to harness the power of DesktopGPT across all your applications and websites.

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  • What is DesktopGPT?

    DesktopGPT is the desktop version of ChatGPT. It extends the capabilities of ChatGPT to your desktop, allowing you to use AI-powered tools within any application or website.

  • Can DesktopGPT work on any website?

    Yes, DesktopGPT is created to integrate seamlessly with all websites and applications. It can assist you while writing emails in Gmail, developing content in CMS platforms like WordPress, doing research on Wikipedia, or even when engaging in social media sites like X (Twitter), Instagram or LinkedIn.

  • How does DesktopGPT enhance productivity?

    DesktopGPT can generate text, code, and provide insights swiftly and efficiently. Whether you're drafting documents, coding, working on digital marketing, or pursuing academic research, DesktopGPT is always within your reach.

  • Does DesktopGPT work on different operating systems?

    Yes. DesktopGPT is compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Windows & macOS, ensuring smooth performance across all your devices, regardless of the platform.

  • How do I start using DesktopGPT after installation?

    After installing DesktopGPT on your desktop, you can activate it anytime within any application either by running the program directly or by using the Alt+A keyboard shortcut.

  • How many languages does DesktopGPT support?

    DesktopGPT boasts support for 200+ languages including English, German, Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese, and more, making it a truly global AI assistant ready to help with a vast array of multilingual tasks.

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DesktopGPT allows you to use ChatGPT everywhere, on every project, any time you need it. Download now and transform how you work, create, and communicate today.

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